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Mooting is one of the most essential skills for any law professional. Moot courts or mock trials are usually based on hypothetical cases, involving emerging or unsettled areas of law. Law students, who participate in these activities, are given opportunity to develop their research, legal writing and oral advocacy skills in a mock courtroom setting. Additionally, moot court presentation inculcates professional legal etiquettes in the students which equip them to adapt with court room practices.  

The tournament will undertake teams from various different nations and top universities of the world to compete in fast- paced and challenging professional environment. It aims at giving exposure to law students on important issues arising in contemporary socio-economic and legal environment.


  • Each team shall consist (max) of three members only i.e., two speakers and one researcher.)

  • A team of two members can be allowed to participate in which one will be the speaker and one person would perform the role of researcher as well as speaker.

  • An individual can be allowed to participate in which he/she shall be speaker as well as researcher. The researcher may be permitted to argue due to illness of the designated speaker.

  • Each team will be allocated a team code after the registration and prior the submission of the memorials via e-mails.

  • The team code only should be stated on the memorials.

  • The teams should ensure that they do not disclose the identity of their institution. If any such disclosures are made, the teams shall be disqualified. 


  • The Organizing Committee will communicate the acceptance of the provisional registration and e-mail the Registration and Payment manual along with the necessary bank details for the completion of registration formalities.

  • The Participating Team shall mandatorily fill their necessary details as contained in the Registration form. The payment of registration fees will be made available below in Registration fees section. 

  • The Participating Team shall mandatorily email a scanned copy of the duly completed Registration and Payment Form along with the receipt of payment.

  • The Organizing Committee shall send a confirmation of participation email after verifying the entire process as enlisted under the aforementioned clauses.

  • In case of any withdrawal after making the payment of the registration fee, the same shall not be refunded. Any failure or non-adherence with the aforementioned procedure may be treated as withdrawal from the competition and no claim of whatsoever nature shall be entertained thereafter.

  • Any additional charges incurred by the Team while making the payment are to be borne by the Team.


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