Acid Attacks, Why???

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

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Acid attacks are the throwing of an acid or a corrosive substance on the body of victim, mostly on the face, with the intention to harm, injure, disfigure the face of the victim. It is basically a personal vendetta of a man against the women due to any reasons.

Acid attack has become a worldwide problem in which one gender lives in the fear of another gender being subjected to various kinds of offences except acid attacks, such as Sexual harassment, rape etc. Acid attack is one of the heinous form of gender based offence which leaves a mark on the women, this doesn’t kill her but make her live insufferably and live with that mark, incurred upon her by the perpetrator. In cases of acid attack, the main aim and focus of the perpetrator is not to kill the victim as it might put her out of the pain, but rather ensure her survival with horrible condition, destroying her facial structure and rendering her life socially unfavourable. Acid attacks don’t only injure the victim physically but also psychologically as it alters the personality of the women in facing the world. Most women who are victim of acid attacks cannot find their way back to the society as they feel embarrassed to show their face in the world.

In many countries, there are also male victims of the acid attack but in countries like Bangladesh, United States, Taiwan, Cambodia most common gender which faced acid attacks were female[1]. Violence or crime against women are becoming a very critical problem in this modern era of humanity because as a society, we cannot talk of growth or development if roughly 50% of the population of world is living under terror of the other half. Even though in India we have strict laws and rules which expressly prohibit and gives strict punishment to the offends and rules which prohibit sale of acid over the counter, there is still no end to this horrifying offence. According to National Crime Rates Bureau of India, there were 45 reported cases of Acid attacks in India in 2014. In 2015, the number jumped from 45 to 249 cases of rape out of which 61 cases was from state of Uttar Pradesh alone[2].

If we compare to the outside world, women in India are more prone to the acid attack as there are many factors which increase likeability of women subjected to acid attacks as due to the large population in India and probability number of such attacks increases in the country, other possible reason being the high illiteracy rate of India which degrades the moral standards of the population.

There is no dedicated database in India which calculate the number of cases of acid attacks as according to National Crime Records Bureau, there are 350 to 500 incidents of acid attacks each year whereas according to research conducted by various Acid survivor’s foundations, the official toll of reported acid attacks can be between 500 to 1000 attacks in India, excluding those cases which go unreported[3].

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