Param Bhamra

Mr. Param Bhamra is Co-Founder of LicitElite and Founding Partner at MediateGuru , which is an International Forum having its reach in over 100 countries and connecting Experienced Mediators and Arbitrators with young inspiring lawyers and ADR practitioners. Mr. Bhamra has his expertise in International Mediation as well as Arbitration. 

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Brief Bio

Mr. Bhamra has a published Co-Edited Book on “Changing Dimensions of Criminal Law” with ISBN no. 9781638732167, Patron of MediateGuru’s Book on “A Pathway to the Future of ADR: Comparative Perspectives from Around the World” and currently working on more projects with a published book in Fiction Category titled "Gods Among us" which is available on Amazon worldwide having ISBN No. 9781639579013. In furtherance of books, Mr. Bhamra also has dozens on publications in various national and international journals on topics related to Human Rights and International Alternative Dispute Resolution and Geo-Politics. Mr. Bhamra has published a research piece in SCOPUS indexed Journal - Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry - Volume12, Issue 5, titled “Property Rights In Space And Analysis of India’s Future Space Law”

Mr. Bhamra has judged various National and International ADR related competitions such as Middle East VisMoot, 20th INADR tournament etc. and provided guidance and feedback to the participants to improve. Mr. Bhamra actively guides and mentor young law students interested in ADR and other industries of law.

Mr. Bhamra is Chief Patron at The mADR Broadcast, a newsletter by MediateGuru. Advisor at Justvocates Law journal, Editor at LicitElite Law Blog. Mr. Bhamra’s Professional Membership includes, Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Member of Singapore International Arbitration Centre and Member of Mumbai Centre for International Arbitration.


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